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WoadZS 在2016年儿童节诞生。


其实也没有什么特殊的含义,非要说有,那就说 woad 是我喜爱的颜色之一,zs 的话认识我的人都懂。

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This blog established in International Children’s Day of 2016.

“WoadZS”, the title has no special meaning. If anything, it sounds like my real name.

This site is hosted by Hostker and powered by WordPress. And the Let’s Encrypt provides SSL support.

This site is used for recording my personal ideas and feelings, also anything related to Business Analytics and IT.

The posts will be posted in English or Chinese.

关于我 About Me

在网上的代号为 WoadZS,这个 ID 仅出现在相对专业的网站和领域。

中文 ID 一般是白云天水。


业余研究过 Python,R,Linux,WordPress 等一干跟本科生涯毫不搭边的东西,技能水平目前处于略懂,仍在努力向大牛级别靠拢。

I am WoadZS

I have been studying Business Analytics and Project Management in UCONN since Fall 2016.

Personal interested in Python, R, Linux, WordPress and other related fields of information system.

I am still working on those subjects and trying to be better on my own.


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email: wuzhishu@outlook.com